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Software Installation 

We can provide and install all types of software, including fully compatible low cost and free alternatives to Microsoft Office & excellent free alternatives to mainstream Antivirus programs.  We will also setup and configure multiple e-mail accounts, mail servers, system utilities and firewalls.

Do you have older software such as games that don't work on Windows 8?  What about expensive hardware such as professional soundcards that only work on XP?

Prefer the look and feel of Windows 98?  Rather than keeping an old PC just for using old software, we can configure your PC with a "Multi-boot" option so that you have a choice of two or more operating systems, (I.E. Windows XP & Windows Vista) both on the same system.

A slightly different approach to dealing with the same problem is VMWare.  Thurrock PC Services can create a “Virtual Machine” copy of your old PC so that you are able to run a virtual copy of your old PC within a VMWare window on your new PC.  Most modern PC’s would be capable of running multiple operating systems at the same time.   

We are also able to provide advice on the increasingly popular range of Linux operating systems such as Red Hat, Suse, Ubuntu etc, all of which will install alongside Windows, providing access to a virtually limitless range of free software for every possible scenario.