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Malicious Software

Sluggish performance?   PC behaving strangely?   Random crashes?

Windows failing to start properly?  Corrupt documents?

Internet Explorer Homepage changed without your knowledge?

Getting responses to e-mails you haven't sent?

A Virus, Worm or Trojan is a small program written with the intent to alter data or cause damage to your system.  Some will provide hackers with "backdoor" access to your PC and subsequently your personal data.  Some Viruses are fairly benign and are little more than a time consuming nuisance, while others can overwrite critical Windows files and personal documents.  Others may simply change your internet dial up settings so that you run up expensive premium rate telephone bills without your knowledge.  Worse still, there are viruses designed to overwrite motherboard BIOS settings which may render them useless, necessitating replacement.  Many viruses, once present on a system will send themselves to all of your address book contacts, while others will attach themselves to legitimate files and duplicate & rename themselves so that detecting and removing them becomes increasingly difficult.  Many viruses will stay resident in a system by disabling Antivirus software before it has a chance to load, preventing the user from running Windows or Antivirus remedies.  

There are many thousands of viruses circulating and through our increasing use of the internet and e-mail, receiving and inadvertently spreading them is easier than ever.   If your PC is exhibiting any of the above symptoms, you may have a virus problem.  Don't wait until you've lost time and money,  Thurrock PC Services can provide complete Virus removal and offer impartial advice on the various Antivirus products available as well as installing and configuring the Antivirus software of your choice.

In addition to viruses, there are an increasing number of malicious software programs commonly known as Spyware or Adware that stay resident on a user's PC tracking and reporting such information as shopping habits, websites visited etc.  These programs are often inadvertently installed by the PC user when visiting a website or using trial software.  The main purpose of these programs is to track and report personal preferences so that advertisers can target the user with pop up adverts and the like.  These programs may seem benign, but there are a number that have the ability to record personal details from an infected PC, including recording keystrokes that can then be used to decipher password details for banking websites and the like.  Malicious software will slow your PC and is a potential security risk.  If you believe you may have a problem, contact Thurrock PC Services for impartial advice.