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Hardware Upgrades

Processor Upgrades:  A processor upgrade can often provide a significant benefit in terms of system performance for a modest outlay.  Processor speeds are improving at a rate of 100% every 18 months or less.  What was yesterdays dream machine can be slow by today's standards and may struggle with the latest software.  We can determine if your motherboard is capable of accepting a faster processor and supply and fit at very competitive prices.

Motherboard Upgrades:  It is often not cost effective to upgrade the processor alone, especially if the motherboard is more than a couple of years old. A new motherboard and processor fitted with faster memory will provide a significant improvement in performance, allowing you to retain components such as hard drives, graphics cards and sound cards which would otherwise become redundant if you were to purchase a completely new system.  We will carry out a complete back-up of all critical files including documents, e-mail settings etc, prior to carrying out the requested upgrade.

Additional or Replacement Memory (RAM): Many modern applications such as games or multimedia authoring use large amounts of system memory in order to operate properly .  Adding more RAM is the single most cost effective way to improve your systems' performance. 

Replacement CD & DVD Rewriters:  Still using floppy disks or Zip drives?  Today's latest generation DVD rewriters have the capacity to store up to 9.4Gb of data.  That's almost 12 CD's and over 6500  floppy discs.  Fast CD writers can "Burn" an audio CD in a few minutes.  These devices can be upgraded at very little cost.          

Additional or Replacement Hard Drives:  Modern applications and multimedia files such as music and photos consume hard drive space at a considerable rate.  A new hard drive will not only give you more storage capacity, but can also speed up your PC by allowing your operating system (I.E. Windows) to work more efficiently.  In addition to upgrading and transferring your operating system over to a new hard drive, we can also divide a new large hard drive into smaller partitions so that your system recognises it as two or more separate drives (C,D,E etc).  This approach not only makes it easier to manage large amounts of data, but also helps considerably when backing up important documents and sharing drives over a network.  We can also provide a dual or multi-boot system whereby the user has the choice of two or more operating systems (I.E. Windows 7 and Windows XP or Windows XP & Windows 98).  This is  useful for continuing to make use of older software or hardware which may not function properly under newer versions of Windows.        

Graphic Card & Sound Card Upgrades:  A definite improvement on the onboard sound and graphics fitted to many standard PC's.  High quality sound and graphics are a must if you want the best performance for gaming or multimedia production. 

Multi Monitor Support:  Make use of that spare monitor and increase your desktop space.  Once you've worked with 2 or more monitors, you'll wonder how you ever managed with one.  Particularly useful for graphics and multimedia applications, whilst even office applications such as Word and Excel benefit from the increased desktop space.